Vertical wind generator Ukraine

Vertical wind generators silent, inertia, vertically-oriented. This model wind generator is one of the most effective nowadays.

Wind Generator going with rare earth of neodymium magnets (creating the effect of a magnetic levitation).

Our company represents the system of the future

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Generators multipolarity says about his low-speed that allowing to get the nominal value at low speed wind generator and refuse completely gear units, commutator brushes and use the method of the magnetic levitation during its rotation.

Our wing has successfully passed the test of aerodynamics and showed the best result for break loose. Namely at a wind speed of  0.17 m/s occurs start of our wind generator and sustainable charging the battery with 2m/s (as opposed to analog, which will start at speed of wind 5 m/s). Due to the new shape of the wing and decrease of its weight, we have reduced the wind speed in order to achieve the rated power a wind generator with 5 m/s to 3 m/sec. Wind generators are produced of different capacities ranging from 500 W to 32 kW.

Characteristic of vertical wind generators

Rated powerkW531.51
Wind speed for Break loosem/s1.5110.5
Wind speed for a sustainable charging the batterym/s32.52.52
Wind speed for rated capacitym/s6666
Diameter of wind wheelm5332
Height of wingm6633
Weight a wind generatorkg320250150150
Number of wingspcs5555