Reed and products

Water reed has been used as a thatching material in the UK for centuries. It is also the primary thatching material in Europe. The latin name is Phragmites Australis but this thatching material is more commonly known as Water Reed, Continental Water Reed or Norfolk Reed. In order to produce good material for thatching it should be harvested every year. The reason for this is that if it is left longer the new growth will come up from the bottom among the older reeds and it will not be straight.

Harvesting of Water Reed is done in the winter time when animals are not nesting and the frost will have removed a lot of the leaf flag which is not required. It has to be cut, bundled and stored so once dry it is kept dry.

Water reed is transported usually by container or by lorry and trailer into the UK. A container can hold up to 2,000 bundles and a lorry and drag up to 3,500. An average roof can use around 1,500 to 2,000 bundles of Water Reed.

Reed – is a universal material. Due to its properties, this material is perfect for the roofing housetops, thermal insulation of walls. Now also used for decorative of interior decoration. The advantage of reeds in decorating roofs, fences and interior  is the lowest cost, while maintaining the external natural form.

Reed products

We offer to your attention a reed mats (slabs), reed matting and reeds in eurosheaves in the detailed description:

Reed plates (mats) –  classic insulating and decorative material. Reed mats can be used both internal and external finishing works such as warming of walls, internal insulation, external insulation, installation roof, construction of fences, ornamental hedgerows, etc. Reed plate manufactured without using of synthetic and artificial additives and are used for ecological building methods. We produce mats on their own German equipment, so we use in the production of only carefully selected, top quality cane. We have plates (mats) of such dimensions: 1m x 2m; 1m x 1.7m. Thickness: 5cm.


Reed matting rooms

Reed gunny – looks great in the interior in the application to many styles. Except their excellent environmental and technical characteristics the gunny of reeds is very interesting aesthetic and decorative material. From the earliest times of reeds used for roofing, today’s century with their fashion trends opened for us a new use of this wonderful material. Gunny, offered by our company, can be in a few sizes. His cost is not so high. Gunny can be used not only as roof covering, but also looks great both indoors: on walls and ceilings. More and more our customers know about this wonderful material and apply it in the decoration of cafes, restaurants, country houses, bars, houses adjoining areas, gardens.

Finished reed matting rooms acquire a magical aura of comfort, privacy and charm of a natural material. Their volume texture ennobles large and small surfaces, makes them interesting for perception and enjoyable for eyes. In the presence of such types of gunny size: 1m x 6m; 1,5m x 6m; 2m x 6m.


Reed sheaves – are mainly used as a roofing material, but increasingly for different decor. Reed roof is not afraid of temperature changes, humidity, rain, hail. With the correct laying this roof serves at least 50 years and causes no allergic side effects. It is hundred percent environmentally friendly material. We recovered and recycled reeds sorted by color, size and thickness of the stem. Our cane billets only with the highest quality.

  1. Sheaf the reeds (eurosheaves) is 60 cm in circumference. The height of 1.6 m. – 2.20 m thickness of the reed 3 – 8 mm.
  2. Sheaf the reeds (the mat) is 105 cm in circumference. The height of 1.9 m – 2.5 m. Reed thickness of 8 mm.