Infrared gas radiators (heaters) SUN BEAM

Company “SUN BEAM Sp. Z oo” (Poland) has been producing gas infrared radiators (heaters) since 2004. During this time, she was able to establish herself as a quality and conscientious producer. Its products are highly reliable and easy to operate.

Radiators do not heat the air. The generated thermal radiation fills the space under the radiators, directly heating people, as well as objects. This avoids dangerous for living creatures fluctuating humidity in the room and significantly reduces the risk of sudden temperature changes associated with drafts.

Heating of premises with the help of gas radiators SUN BEAM consists in transferring heat energy to a certain space, which makes it possible to differentiate a constant temperature inside the same room or to separate heated and non-heated zones in it. Therefore, radiators are often used as one of their forms of heating production, as well as commercial premises, warehouses and hangars. Infrared gas-heated heaters justify themselves also in industrial, sports facilities, production facilities, etc.

Our company represents the system of the future

SBC Ceramic Gas Infrared Emitters

Infrared ceramic gas radiator is a heating device with an open combustion chamber in which a gas-air mixture is burnt on the surface of a ceramic tile. The air needed for combustion is taken from the room, and exhausts from it are diverted here, because the room in which the ceramic radiators are installed must be suitably ventilated.

Инфракрасные излучатели

ModelPowerWeight, kgHeating area, m2Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mm
SBC 69,5 кW1135-45865365255
SBC 812,5 кW1350-601050365255
SBC 1016,1 кW1555-651335365255
SBC 1218,7 кW1760-801420365255
SBC8+8(16)25 кW2180-1001790365255
SBC10+1032 кW2990-1101335545255
SBC12+1237,4 кW32100-1201515545255
SBC3048 кW43125-1551335725255

SBT Tubular Infrared Gas Emitters

Tubular infrared gas radiator is a modern device designed for heating industrial and commercial facilities, as well as warehouses, sports facilities, etc. SBT tubular radiators can significantly reduce the cost of heating objects. Tubular radiators allow you to get heat instantly. The outer surface of the pipe is heated to a temperature of + 360 ° C and emits heat with the help of infrared rays, which, thanks to the installed reflector, are sent to the bottom of the room. Thus, we use 100% of the heat that is felt in the lower, and therefore used, areas of the building.

Инфракрасные излучатели

ModelPowerWeight, kgMounting height, mLength, mMethane consumption, m³ / hLPG consumption, kg / hPrice, Euro
SBT 630 кW96h=5m6,33,152,351400
SBT 945 кW145h=8m9,34,723,531800
SBT 940 кW145h=7,5m9,34,23,131800
SBT 1245 кW180h=8m12,34,723,532000
SBT 1240 кW180h=7,5m12,34,23,131800
SBT 12i30 кW93h=5m12,33,152,351400
SBT 18i40 кW132h=8m18,34,23,131600


Tubular radiators directly heat people, animals and objects without the need for heating the air. This allows you to reduce the temperature of the air and maintain high thermal comfort. Each degree of difference between perceived heat and air temperature gives up to 7% savings compared to convective heating. SBT tubular infrared gas radiators are the optimal use of energy, it is the possibility of heating certain zones without the need for internal partitions, this is complete thermal comfort and natural environmental conditions.