Alternative to traditional heating – Heat pumps “AIK”

If you are now the owner of a private mansion, cottage or a small private house, one of the main tasks that require immediate solutions will be the installation of independent heating. Perfect autonomous heating at home creates comfortable conditions for permanent residence. Heat pumps “AIK” in Dnipro

Today’s abundance in the market of heating systems makes you think. If you are thinking of heating a house without gas, it is important to consider and calculate all the proposed heating methods. Consider the most common types of heating:

A boiler operating on solid fuel. Heating of a private house, in which this type of boiler is installed, is considered by many to be the most effective. But most agree that this is also the most costly way of heating. Combustion products can cause significant harm to health and the environment. According to statistics, most of the fires are due to the malfunction of such heating systems.

The heating of the house, based on the use of all kinds of electrical equipment, the principle of operation of which is based on the transformation of electricity into thermal energy, is by no means the most effective and safe way to heat up your home. The most popular convectors, oil coolers, “Warm Floor” systems and other devices are often not only ineffective, but also present a potential threat to human health.

Heat pumps “AIK” Ukraine

All of us have known for a long time the traditional way of heating a house using an open fire. To heat a room requires only the presence of solid fuels and the presence of a fireplace or stove. It is important to follow the safety rules, as any retreat can lead to irreparable consequences.

Тепловой насос

Alternative heating of a private house – today this concept includes a properly thought-out house heating, a competent approach to choosing a heating system and guaranteed energy savings. We offer the most relevant heating systems in this case without using a network connection. Not adhering to the standards, at any time of the day or night, on your personal desire you can provide your family with warmth, create a desired microclimate in your home. 

Our company represents the system of the future – heating by heat pumps. Although it is not yet widely used, it will certainly become a worthy and competitive alternative to traditional private home heating systems.

The heating of the house


Heat pumps MINI Econom PRO

MINI heat pump

MIDI heat pumps

Тепловые насосы AIKТепловые насосы AIK ДнепрТепловые насосы AIK Украина

For houses: Up to 350 м²

Appointment: heating, hot water supply

Power models: 6-17 kW

Price: 2 783 – 3 655 €

For houses: 120 – 250 м²

Appointment: heating, hot water, passive conditioning

Power models: 6-17 kW

Price: 4 185 – 5 320 €

For homes, offices, industrial premises:  300 – 1500 м²

Appointment: heating, hot water supply, passive conditioning, active conditioning

Power models: 20-46 kW

Price:  6 924 – 9 175 €

Heat pumps MAXI

Air heat pumps

Instantaneous water heaters

AIK MAXIВоздух-водаВодонагреватель

For industrial premises: 800 – 8000 м²

Appointment: heating, hot water supply, passive conditioning, active conditioning

Power models: on order

Price: on order

For houses: 150 – 500 м²

Appointment: heating, hot water, passive conditioning

Power models: 12-45 kW

Price: 5 451 – 14 367 €

Productivity: 20 – 40 l/min

Appointment: hot water supply

Price: 1 000 – 1 200 €


Heat pumps “AIK” in Dnipro

AIK GROUP products are modern, environmentally friendly and safe equipment that will provide heating, hot water supply, air conditioning in industrial and private premises.

  • MINI heat pumps, which are ideal for heating, cooling and hot water supply of small objects; the main advantages of such equipment are its compact size, low noise level, modern design;
  • heat pumps MIDI – a model that is suitable for rooms with a total area of ​​300 to 1000 square meters; thanks to its compact size, low noise level and modern design, this equipment harmoniously fits into any interior;
  • heat pumps MAXI – a model designed for heat supply of large industrial and social facilities; A special feature of this equipment is the built-in “night heating” system, which allows you to set different modes of operation in certain periods of time, so you can save electricity;
  • air heat pumps AIK-AIR, which can extract latent heat from the environment to a temperature of -20 degrees. Such equipment is able to heat the premises and provide heating of the water due to cold air;
  • flowing water heaters AIK-FRESH, which carry out heating of the water to a predetermined temperature regime; equipment is equipped with a recirculation system, which allows the device to operate in a cyclic mode, thereby saving on electricity.

Heat pumps Ukraine

At the moment, the use of heat pumps in European countries is considered the most affordable, efficient and economical. People who know how to count money have already realized that this system can become a very profitable investment. The heating of the cottage, built on the work of the heat pump, in case of the sale of housing, increases its cost by an order of magnitude. Ecologically clean sources of heating, such as sun, air, water, earth, make our products as efficient and reliable as possible.

Despite their functionality, heat pumps are quite compact, absolutely safe for life and health of others, environmentally friendly, economical and efficient to use. This system does not require special care, is easy to operate and maintain.

Main advantages of heat pumps:

    • ease of installation;
    • Compact dimensions, usually not exceeding the dimensions of a conventional refrigerator;
    • service life – from 25 years;
    • The heat pump from an environmental point of view is absolutely safe;
    • full compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, as well as fire safety standards;
    • reliable operation of the automatic part of the system does not need constant monitoring;
    • in comparison with other heating systems requires minimal operating costs.

Heat pumps work perfectly in different conditions and climatic zones. It is equally effective in hot Arizona and on the hot cold Alaska. They are successfully used in permafrost conditions, and in conditions where the primary carrier of heat is seawater. The scope of this system is practically unlimited.

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