Trio Generator Diesel Generators

The diesel generators of the trade mark Trio Generator, implemented by our company, are characterized by a wide range of models and a range of capacities, high practicality, reliability, safety. Here you can buy household diesel generators of low power for a country house and dacha, a small office and a shop, as well as large installations with an industrial engine that are suitable for providing uninterrupted power supply to large construction sites, hospitals and polyclinics, schools and kindergartens, airports, large trading and office centers

IIC ALTENEGO offers stand-alone diesel-generator sets designed to generate electric energy in places where its supply by other methods is difficult or temporarily impossible. Particularly in demand diesel generators:

  • in geological prospecting, as well as extraction and refining of oil away from fixed power lines;
  • mechanical engineering as a means of reserve power supply to remote objects, for the uninterrupted operation of enterprises of a continuous cycle, etc .;
  • in housing and communal services for the organization of backup or permanent power supply of residential settlements and recreation centers, and also as a source of power for equipment of mobile emergency services;
  • construction as a source of energy supply in the absence of an industrial line;
  • in medicine to maintain the uninterrupted operation of life support equipment in clinics, maternity hospitals, ambulance stations, etc .;
  • at telecommunication and broadcasting enterprises as a spare source of power for stationary systems and ensuring the operability of mobile repeaters, television and radio stations;
  • in the food industry for backup power supply to livestock, poultry and refrigeration plants;
  • the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Emergency Situations for the supply of mobile villages and hospitals in the aftermath of disasters and man-made accidents, as well as the role of back-up power sources, which provide constant combat readiness of units.

Prices of diesel generators

The price of a diesel generator will depend on the capacity and automation of the installation. Low-power household diesel generators are perfect for providing backup power to private houses, cottages, cottages. Some rigid requirements for diesel generators for the home, in addition to reliability, safety, economy in fuel consumption are not put forward to them. In contrast to high-power plants designed to provide electricity to industrial facilities, medical institutions, etc. For example, it is incredibly important that diesel generators for hospitals and airports be able to start in any conditions with a minimum period of time between the start-up of the plant and its willingness to effectively accept the load. To do this, the generator must be equipped with a high-quality heating system, a controller programmed for a hard mode of operation. Of course, the price of high-capacity diesel generators will be much higher than the price of domestic installations.



Diesel generator set of open execution

This design option is the most economical and is used with equal success as both the main and backup power supply. The model range offers installations with a power of 22 to 500 kW, while the role of power plant chosen reliable and economical diesels. The fuel consumption depends on the power and the load factor of the generator.

Diesel generator set in a noise-proof casing

The amount of noise produced by a working station is about 100-110 dB. The installation of the casing reduces the value of this parameter by at least 30 dB, which makes it possible to use generators not only in open areas, but also directly in production facilities.

Diesel generators in Ukraine

IIC “Altoenergo” will carry out design, supply, installation, commissioning of diesel generators in Dnepropetrovsk, where our central office is located. In addition, we sell diesel generators throughout Ukraine and also guarantee and post-warranty service. The warranty period is 1 year or 1000 hours of operation.

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The generators are equipped with automatic control system (automatic reserve input), which allows the equipment to start automatically immediately after a power failure in the network.

Such power plants are also called generators with automatic input of a reserve.

Power plants with autostart are required to provide power to private houses, warehouses and industrial premises, workshops, workshops during a malfunction in a centralized power grid or a power outage.

So, electricity supply is made even in the absence of a person, that’s why the generator with the automatic start is an excellent alternative to the usual gasoline, combined and diesel generators that are equipped with a manual or electric starter. The price of a generator with an autostart is slightly higher than that of ordinary generators, but the advantages are obvious and weighty.