Infra-red water ceiling panels EFFI (Ukraine)



Climatic panels EFFI – a universal system for creating temperature comfort in the premises. In addition to high-efficiency heating, ceiling-mounted climate panels can also be used for cooling. Climate panels can work all year round, in any season, creating the right comfort at the right time.

An important advantage of the climate panels is the ability to work with absolutely any heat source: gas or electric boiler, solid fuel system or heat pump, with main heating networks. There is no dependence on the price of a specific energy carrier, it is possible to choose the most advantageous option.

Climatic panels are particularly effective in large and high spaces: production halls, warehouses, sports and concert venues, trade and exhibition spaces. Safe climate panels can be used in rooms with an increased category of fire and explosion hazard, they are great for hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

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Principle of operation

The sun is the source of all life on Earth. Without sunlight and heat, the emergence and development of life on the planet would be impossible. Thanks to the development of technology, today mankind has the opportunity to use the heat source, which is the most similar to the Sun.

For the transfer of heat, the climate panels use solar infrared rays similar to those of the sun. Such rays do not lose heat when they pass through the air and completely deliver energy to the recipient. This effect is best seen in winter, when in the cold you can keep warm in the sun. The air around you has a negative temperature, but the rays of the sun still carry heat through it.

Classical heating systems use air to transfer heat. But why waste resources on heating the air, if you can heat the room directly? Climate panels heat all surfaces and bodies accessible to them directly in the room, bypassing the stage of heating the air. This allows you to reduce the average temperature in the room, as a person will receive heat directly, as if he was in the sun. Such a decrease in average temperature, in turn, allows a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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A unique feature of the climate panels is the possibility of creating individual temperature regimes within a single room. By arranging the panels in a certain way, you can create a climate exactly where it is needed.

The system does not require any maintenance. High-quality climatic panels withstand operating temperature and pressure for decades.

Climate panels are easy to install. In addition, it is possible to quickly dismantle the system, for example, for installation in another room. After dismantling, the system can be reassembled and re-used without loss of efficiency.

We provide a wide and flexible guarantee program for the climate panel. If certain conditions are met, you can get a special guarantee for the EFFI climate panels.

Climatic panels EFFI Ukraine

Climate panels EFFI, unlike other climate systems, exclude the parasitic movement of air, because of which dust and other suspended matter are constantly circulating in the room. Climatic panels drastically reduce the dustiness of premises, in addition, the cost of heating the supply air in the ventilation system is reduced.

The time of manufacture and delivery of domestic climate panels EFFI is reduced as much as possible. There is the possibility of manufacturing climate panels of non-standard sizes, in any color according to the RAL standard, with images, patterns, inscriptions.

Climatic panels can operate with a relatively low temperature of the coolant, from 35 ° C. This allows them to be used in rooms with an increased category of fire and explosion hazard, as well as in relatively low rooms. Safe climate panels are ideal for kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

The EFFI climate panels are a completely silent heating and cooling system. There are no moving elements or mechanisms making noise.

When using climate panels, there is no need to heat up the entire volume of air in the room, heat or cold are transferred directly to where they are needed. Such efficiency leads to high energy savings.

Climatic panels EFFI

Due to the arrangement on the ceiling, the climatic panels do not occupy the useful area in the room. There is an opportunity to effectively use every square meter.

The main advantage of eco-friendly EFFI climate panels is the more effective energy consumption compared to other heating and cooling systems.


By investing in an energy-efficient climate system, you reduce your costs, increasing the efficiency of the enterprise.