Solar air heater ALT Solar

Purpose: Solar air heater ALT Solar heating for residential, office, commercial and industrial buildings. Cold air from the fan, integrated with the module ALT Solar, enters the module from bottom of the rear panel, the hot air coming out of the back of the module from above. Ventilator can be located inside the module, and in the room (in regions with a frosty climate).

Air passes through ALT Solar module from about 3 to 5 seconds, and further heated at 55 ° C even in frosty but sunny winter day. For example, if the outside air temperature – 10 ° C, the heated air exits through the top opening with a temperature of 45 ° C.

ALT Solar module can pick up and heat the external air or recirculated air from the room. It is also possible to use a partial recycle of the air space with fresh outdoor air.

The service life of the module / the warranty period: 20 years / 1 year.

Operates at outdoor air temperatures from – 55 ° C to + 60 ° C.

СВК  SVK-sxema


Module size Size, mm The area of the panel, m2 Optimal power, watts Weight of module (galvanized/aluminum), kg Recommended size, m2
Small 1545 x 700 x 170 1,0 900 21/28 30 –  40
Medium 2050 x 1040 x 195 2,1 1800 33/48 40 – 60
Large 2833 x  1285 x  140 3,6 3240 45/71 60 – 100

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