GREE Versati heat pumps for heating and hot water supply

The Gree Versati series air-to-water heat pumps reduce the energy consumption for heating by 65%. Pumps are the most efficient energy-saving thermal systems, since they expend energy exclusively on heat transfer, and not on its production. The Versati system can be used as the main heating system.

The use of Versati heat pumps cuts the cost of heating a private house or cottage by a factor of four, and by 2.5 times – for heating an office or a restaurant. Accordingly, the system is ideal for installation in these rooms and facilities.



  • DC-inverter of a new type (high energy efficiency and energy saving);
  • Intelligent control with frequency control technology;
  • The tank is made of stainless steel and is not subject to corrosion;
  • Plate heat exchanger of a new type in the indoor unit;
  • Protection against frost;
  • Mode of water disinfection.

The practical use of Gree Versati heat pumps in various types of premises


          • The heat pump heats the heating medium in the heating system of the cottage and preheats the water for sanitary purposes (shower, kitchen). The cost of electricity is 2 times less than the electric boiler.
          • Reduction of the load on the electric grid, preferential consumption rate.

A restaurant:

          • Reducing the cost of electricity in the cold season.
          • Utilization of excess heat from the kitchen and process equipment. Further use of recycled heat for heating sanitary water (kitchen, shower) or coolant in the heating system.


          • Heat pump as the only source of heat or cold, depending on the time of year.
          • In winter, heated water is fed to the fan coil for heating the premises and for preheating the hot water tank. In summer, the heat pump cools the water that is fed to the fan coil for air conditioning and heats the heating medium to preheat the hot water tank.

Utilization of heat and server rooms, heat emissions from kitchen areas, bakeries is an additional effect of using the Versati heat pump from Gree. The pump can simultaneously perform three functions: partial cooling, heating, heating water for sanitation.

Gree Versati maintains a comfortable temperature in the room all year round and heats water for domestic needs. The system is designed so that it has the technical ability to connect to solar panels, increasing energy efficiency. Also, the pumps are easily connected to fan coils of various types and capacities, with the possibility to connect “warm floors”.

The main characteristics of the Gree Versati heat pumps, as the advantages of the system:

  • Intelligent control – a programmable panel with frequency control technology, allows you to configure the pump parameters depending on the time of year, day of the week, etc. For example, the system is programmed on weekdays to raise the temperature by the time the owners return home, which significantly reduces operational costs.
  • A new type of DC inverter operates on R410 ozone-friendly refrigerant, precisely maintains the set temperature, providing high energy efficiency and energy saving.
  • Accurate control of the pressure level in the refrigerant system by means of a thermostatically controlled expansion valve instead of the capillary tube in the refrigeration circuit.
  • Not corroded – the case is made of stainless steel.
  • Protection against frost.
  • The new type plate heat exchanger in the indoor unit is a hydronic module. Heat or cold from freon in a plate heat exchanger is transferred to water, which is circulated by a Wilo pump in a heat or cooling system.
  • Provision of water heating in case of failure of the outdoor unit.
  • Disinfection mode – the water in the tank heats up to 70 ° C, which helps to destroy most of the bacteria that are in it.